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Amralime (Kili x reader)
The first time Kíli and Y/n met he called her ‘amralime’, and being a human she had no idea what that meant. They were both sitting by the fire in Bilbo’s house, watching the poor hobbit scurry around trying to control the raging party.  Y/n glanced at Kíli for an explanation but he just smiled.
Y/n was the head navigator for the company. Gandalf brought her in just as he brought in Bilbo, knowing that she was the best possible person for the job. Y/n knew the lands of Middle Earth better than anyone.
She hit it off with the two brothers on the very first day of their travel. The three of them rode in this little pack of giggles and youth. A stark contrast to the grey beards and worn faces around them.
On their second day of travel, Kíli called her ‘amralime’ again. Only this time in front of his brother. Fíli’s eyes went wide and a huge smile stretched across his face, he immediately turned his head to see how Y/n would reac
:icond0gss:d0gss 108 7
Revenge (Pietro x Barton! reader)
Let's pretend in this that Pietro survived and that you are Clint's daughter. Oh and I can't write his accent so you'll have to fill it in yourself.
"Dad!" you shouted out gleefully as you father limped through the front door. You rushed to his side but was mindful of his appearent injuries as you gave him a love filled hug.
"Hey honey. I heard about that boy who broke your heart and if you want I could pay him a visit tonight." Clint answered as he gave you the best hug he could given his current condition.
"Don't kill him dad." you laughed despite the small ache that stemmed from your break-up seven months ago. Your dad glanced around him before he placed his lips next to your ear and whispered, "Nobody would know."
"I would." you gave him a stern look as you stepped away from him to allow yourself the room to put your hands on your hips.
"Yeah you always were a goody-goody." Clint smiled down at you teasingly before noise coming from the porch caused him to turn his
:icondeath-for-one:Death-For-One 326 28
Give Me A Chance (Eggsy Unwin X Reader)
"You want me to what?" You asked in disbelief. Your eyes flicked from Eggs-Galahad, you mentally corrected, to your beagle puppy, BB.
"Shoot it." Eggsy repeated, and you looked at him, a deep frown etched onto your lips.
You turned the gun over in your hand, before shaking your head. "I can't. I'm not going to shoot my dog just to join the Kingsman. I'm sorry, but it's not worth it."
You're not worth it. Was what Eggsy heard, and ouch, okay, that hurt a little bit. Sure, you weren't actually dating, but Eggsy liked you and he had flirted with you constantly during your Kingsman training. You insisted, however, that you couldn't even give him a chance until after you became a Kingsman. Now, it looked as though Eggsy would never even get a shot with you.
Eggsy looked at you for a moment, before stepping closer to you and pressing the gun more firmly into your hand. "It's a blank." Eggsy murmured, so softly that you barely caught it, but when you did, you
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 296 27
AvengersAOU: Shield (SPOILERs!) by DarkLitria AvengersAOU: Shield (SPOILERs!) :icondarklitria:DarkLitria 225 39
Pietro x Reader |A New Maximoff|
Pregnancy was the last thing she expected to go through, especially considering how single she’d been for...basically her entire life. But strange things happened, and the next thing she knows Pietro Maximoff’s on one knee and asking her to marry him. Then sped them both off to a honeymoon following a very swift reception.
What’d she expect? This is Quicksilver, we’re talking about.
And after a year of peace, with the occasional minor villain here and there, they finally found themselves settled into the Tower with a surprise on the way. The type of surprise that most would label a surprise, and others life changing.
Because there was a baby in the mix, now.
(Name) sighed happily as she lounged on the couch, the tranquil noon air soothing. There was nothing better in the world than sprawling out on a sofa and chilling all day. And the best part was that no one could knock her for being lazy. According to the doctors, she was confined to bed/chair rest for the re
:iconyarikoi:yarikoi 877 158
Surviving(PietroMaximoff)- Pt.1
Your POV
    “Sir, are you alright?” I ask a man who was passed out on the ship that saved us the from falling back to earth.
    “He’s gone,” one of the SHIELD agents had said too me.
    I look down at him as I flick my fingers a bit and a small blue wave wraps around his body. I focus more of my gifts I had woken up with when the aliens had invaded New York how long ago. I’ve been running from different countries cause I keep losing control, but maybe I can take away one casualty. I even look over at the tired gentlemen passed out on some of the seats. I flick a small amount of healing waves his way knowing that he’s Clint Barton codename Hawkeye, who had a loving family waiting for him. When we make it back to the larger ship and the man who I was healing was stable enough but I made it so no one would notice it. I’m not sur
:iconmusicdreams95:MusicDreams95 55 5
Escaping the Nest (Pietro x Reader)
Prompt: You are Clint Barton's daughter, and after your incident with the helicopter, your father vowed to protect you like a hawk. Still, the world needed saving. You'd just have to show him that you could fly on your own.
Warnings: Cursing, Stereotypes, Alcohol and Pietro cuteness, Slight Angst
This is part two of Stuck with the Trickster.
Note: The unnamed characters are just generic characters that I thought of on the spot. And I know a lot of us are not American but for the purpose of this story since you are Clint’s daughter, you are. Just wanted to clear that up. Enjoy.
House arrest was one of the most boring things ever. This kind of treatment was used for people who had either done a serious crime and needed be monitored at all times or needed to be protected twenty four hours a day. You argued that you were neither though the second option was more for your father’s benefit. Ever since the goop helicopter incident, your father watched you like a hawk. The irony wa
:iconanna-lyn:Anna-Lyn 187 35
Stuck with the Trickster (Pietro x Reader)
You were Y/N Barton. The daughter of Clint Barton. And you have the biggest crush on the one and only Pietro Maximoff.
Warnings: Cursing
Words:  2149 words

You looked like a zombie. Your hair looked like it got caught in a tornado and you had markings on your face that came from sleeping on something. From the looks of it, you slept on your books again. You walked at a slow and steady pace and yawned again frequently.
“You know, I thought being late means you’d be rushing all around the room like Sonic Maximoff.” Clint noted as he stared at you groggily enter the kitchen.
“I overslept Dad.” you replied simply to your father while you ignored his little comment on Pietro. Ever since the events involving Ultron and even after, the pair did not meet eye to eye. That many be due to the fact that Pietro made it his personal mission to annoy Clint all the time.
“Clearly.” Clint smirked.
You were still clearly not fully awake as you walke
:iconanna-lyn:Anna-Lyn 231 22
Take It Slow (Quicksilver x Reader)
Take It Slow (Quicksilver x Reader)
"Can I help you?" You held your pen up, ready to take the young man's order.
He jumped, looking up. Electric blue eyes looked up at you from under a head of blonde hair, dark roots showing.
"Can I take your order?" You asked again.
"Oh yes, I'm sorry." Sweet Jesus that accent was glorious. You tried not to stare as the man ran a hand through his hair, smiling up at you. "Could I have a decaf coffee and some pie please?"
Oh shit, you were so screwed.
"What kind would you like?"
"What would you recommend?" He asked, still with that incredible smile on his face.
"Um," it took you a second to remember what it was you were supposed to be doing. "The- the apple turnovers are amazing. They aren't technically pies, but they're worth it."
"Alright." His smile grew. "I'll have one of those please."
"Yeah," you stammered. "I'll be right back with that."
"Thank you beautiful."
You felt your face burst into flames and you hurried into the kitchen, praying he didn
:iconmazzafeme147:mazzafeme147 488 63
Big Brother (Quicksilver x Reader)
Big Brother (Quicksilver x Reader)
You groaned, slowly lowering your aching body down onto the couch. You grunted as pain shot through your lower stomach, and tried to get as comfortable as possible. Truthfully, there was no comfortable position where cramps were concerned.
You groaned at the whoosh and rush of air that accompanied the voice. The sexy, Russian accented voice.
"Go away Pietro." You groaned, rolled over and wincing at the pain.
"Everyone is leaving for the mission." The Sokovian stood in front of you, staring in concern. "Why aren't you in your uniform?"
You sighed. "I'm off today. Stomach ache. Not going on the mission."
"Does the captain know?" Pietro asked.
"He does. So does Fury." The microwave beeped from the kitchen, and you sat up slowly, trying to ignore the shooting pain above your bladder.
Pietro disappeared and reappeared so quickly you almost didn't realize that he had gone anywhere, except for the hearing pad in his hand.
"Thanks speedy." You sighe
:iconmazzafeme147:mazzafeme147 578 110
Rescue (Quicksilver x Reader) part 2
Part 2
"Go to bed you monster!" You cried, throwing your hands up in exasperation.
"Never!!" Isaac, your son was wired after his sixth birthday party.
Tony had decided that it would be a good idea to throw a huge party with cake and gifts and a zillion other kids, all running around and climbing on play structures and eating one of many different types of treats. Needless to say, you would punish him later. For now though, your main concern was your son.
"Get your butt into that bed mister, or I'm taking away all of your gifts."
His eyes widened and he dove under the covers, wiggling around until his head popped out again. He shut his eyes tightly and tried to hide his smile. Unfortunately for him, everything in the room that wasn't bolted to the floor started floating in the air, darting around the room because of his energy.
"Kiddo." You sighed. "Seriously, mommy needs to sleep."
"Then you go to sleep." He said, slipping out from under the covers. "I'll stay up for you."
He jumped ou
:iconmazzafeme147:mazzafeme147 292 70
Rescue (Quicksilver x Reader)
Rescue (Quicksilver x Reader)
Your eyes snapped open, jolted awake by an unknown noise. Straining your ears, you listened for anything that might have woken you up. Was Isaac in the bathroom? Had your dog been snoring? You listened. Silence met your ears.
With a sigh you rolled over, burrowing into the covers and closing your eyes.
You say up. That definitely wasn't Isaac.
"What the--" you heard your landlord  yell from down the hall, the floorboards creaking as he barrelled out of his room.
You froze, horror settling like a snake in the pit of your stomach.
You jumped out of bed, grabbing the metal baseball bat you kept behind your dresser. The sound of heavy footprints on the wood floor echoed through the house, and you grabbed your desk chair, wedging it under the doorknob.
You grabbed your cellphone off your nightstand, cursing softly at the black screen, and the empty battery image. You felt years of frustration and fear prick at your eyes, and you but your l
:iconmazzafeme147:mazzafeme147 399 81
20 Rules of Thorin and Company
20 Rules of Thorin and Company
1. Despite having a name Bilbo Baggins shall always be referred to as ‘the Hobbit’ or ‘Burglar’.
2. Thorin’s speeches are majestic and must be adhered to at any point in time.
3. Balin must always be the one to tell stories of the past.
4. When the Hobbit states that you have parasites it is wise to always play along.
5. Kili and Fili are never to be separated. Ever.
6. Trolls cannot be reasoned with. They are half-wits.
7. Kili and Fili are not to watch the ponies. Ever.
8. Elves are not appropriate company. The only time an elf may appear in dwarvish speak is in the context of an insult. For example, tree shagger is most appropriate.
9. Bofur is the ultimate good guy, no matter what people might say about dwarves.
10. Do not take Bofur’s hat. Under any circumstances. Ever.
11. Do not take Thorin's sword. Under any circumstances. Ever. Unless you like being cut in half.
12. Troll hoards stink. End of story. De
:iconallmyninjas182:allmyninjas182 176 25
Special Delivery in the Woodland Realm
You'd been beating yourself up over it for months. How could you have let yourself get pregnant? Even though Thorin was both your husband and the father of your unborn child, you hadn't told him or anyone else about your condition. You knew he would have made you stay behind, and there was no way that you were going to do that. He needed you on this quest, even if he was too stubborn to admit it.
Miraculously, you had been able to conceal the pregnancy from every person in the company, except for one: Bilbo. He'd caught you in the middle of one of your bouts of morning sickness, and after much pleading on your part, agreed to keep your secret. It was comforting to have someone to confide in and feel close to, especially since the entire ordeal had caused you to distance yourself from Thorin. You didn't want to chance him finding out after all.
Not being one to vocalize his emotions, Thorin simply brewed in his anger and his jealousy. At first, he thought that the hardships of the journ
:iconmiddleearth2asgard:middleearth2asgard 59 6
Bachelorette Party
You made your way through the halls of Erebor with an unwilling Tauriel in tow. Ever since her engagement to Kili, she'd been living with the rest of you in the Lonely Mountain. Now, you were dragging her along with you in search of both her fiancee and yours. Finally, you found them lounging around doing absolutely nothing productive.
"Working hard, are we boys?" you asked.
"Oh look," Kili began. "It's the woman I love, and you."
The truth was that you and Kili were really best friends, and he was thrilled that you were engaged to marry his brother. But if the two of you weren't sassing each other then it would mean that one or both of you was deathly ill or worse.
Ignoring his snarky remark, you said, "We came to inform the two of you that we are going out to Dale tonight. We are going to have a double bachelorrette party."
The brothers exchanged confused glances before Fili asked, "What kind of party,dear?"
"Can we come?!" Kili piped in. "I love parties!"
"No, you can't. It is a kin
:iconmiddleearth2asgard:middleearth2asgard 20 6
Beauty and the Beast (ThorinxReader)
Today had been a particularly good one in your opinion. The weather was fair, the traveling was smooth, and the company of Thorin Oakenshield had been in high spirits. The hours passed quickly as you listened intently to their stories and songs. You never grew tired of their grand tales, even though you were convinced that some of them had received more than their fair share of embellishment.
After you had all stopped to make camp for the night, Bofur approached you and asked, "Why don't you tell us a story, lass? You've been listening to us rattle on all day. We'd like to hear from you."
"Oh, I don't know. I'm sure any story I'd tell would be boring compared to those whoppers you came up with earlier."
You laughed when he covered his heart with his hand and feigned a shocked expression. "I'll have you know that every single tale of mine is completely, totally, and genuinely a degree."
"Go on!" A few of the others piped in. "Tell us a story!"
"Alright, just give me a minu
:iconmiddleearth2asgard:middleearth2asgard 168 26


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